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Companies are choosing static websites to sell their services and products online. These websites perform better than other types of websites. Digital Folks- a leading best static website designing company in Canada has excellence team that design Static Websites for various industries and businesses. We have deep knowledge and expertise in developing static websites according to the demands of the clients. 

From understanding to analyzing the needs of the clients, we provide every service related to static web designing. We fulfill the demands of the clients and design perfect websites to grow their businesses. Our websites are designed professionally after drafting a proper layout and using modern tools. Digital Folks is a well reputed static web designing company in Canada that design beautiful static websites that increase business sales and enhance your brand reputation.  

A static website design gives many benefits to your business. We bring up your sales revenue and boost sales of the business with our website designing and web development services in Vancouver, Canada. We also create a good image of your brand online by developing powerful static websites. We attract more traffic to your websites by designing engaging websites.

What are the Advantages of a Static Website Designing?

Static website design are very popular today among small businesses in Canada . A static website simply displays the information. It is easy to develop a static website for any small business or startup. Apart from that, static websites also give many other benefits such as:

  • Attractive Interface

    Static websites have a user-friendly interface that helps the users to get easy navigation. They are simple to operate for anyone.

  • Speedy Web Page Load Time

    One of the major benefits of Static Website Design is that they load faster than other websites. You do not have to contact the back-end systems when the page loads.

  • Simple Design of the Website

    Another benefit of developing a static website is that it has a simple and smooth design. You can use this website easily without any professional tools.

  • Works With Every Kind of Browser

    The static website works with every kind of browser effectively. It also works smoothly on every type of mobile phone and tablet.

  • Simple To Navigate

    Another benefit of using a static website is that it is easy to navigate for anyone. You can get features of the site quickly on static websites.

Get a High Boost in Business Sales With Our Responsive & Static Website Designing Services
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Get a High Boost in Business Sales With Our Responsive & Static Website Designing Services

Our engaging static websites designing services will help your business to connect directly to the audience and grow sales as well. We will also help to take your business to a higher level. 

Why Choose Digital Folks For Static Website Design Services in Canada?

Digital Folks is a top-grade Static Website Designing Agency in Canada with years of experience in designing custom website design and web development. Apart from website designing, our team of professional experts offer digital marketing services and solutions to enhance your website traffic and sales. We have developed static websites for many different kinds of industries and companies. There are many reasons to choose our agency such as:

  • Professional Looking Websites

    We deliver professional and engaging websites for every business. Our websites have a simple layout and rich features that help the users to navigate easily. Apart from that, our websites also have a good user interface for simple use. We build professional and fully functional websites to boost your business sales.

  • Experienced Group of Web Designers

    Our agency hires some of the best web designers every year. The team of our company has deep knowledge of developing static websites with the help of the latest tools. It also has long experience in developing different kinds of websites for different types of industries. Our rich industry experience helps many businesses to gain huge revenue every year.

  • Affordable Packages

    We offer affordable Static Website Designing Services in canada, Canada to every client according to his budget. Our packages are budget-friendly and suit the needs of every industry. Apart from that, our packages also include free testing of websites after the project. We do not charge any extra fees after completing the final project. Our packages do not include any hidden fees or charges for web design services.

  • Good After-Sales Service

    Digital Folks- Static Web Design agency in Canada has built a good reputation in the market. We offer the best-grade after-sales service to our clients. After completing the final project, our team will maintain the websites and solve minor technical issues. We do not charge extra fees or money for solving minor issues in the websites after completing the projects.

  • Positive Results in Your Business

    One of the major benefits of hiring our Static Web Design Services in Canada is that you will get positive results within a short time. We build professional websites that bring high traffic and grow business sales. Besides, you can also communicate better with your customers with the help of static websites. Moreover, our static websites can be easily optimized by companies to increase business sales.

  • Use of Advanced Technologies

    Our Static Website Designing Company in Canada uses advanced technologies to design static websites for various industries. We have a smart team of web developers that has a rich knowledge of using new tools and technologies to develop static websites for different companies. Our accurate service and timely delivery of the projects are some other reasons why clients choose our agency.

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Normally, the cost of developing a static web designing in Canada reaches between $200 and $20000. This cost can vary according to the type of business, the size of the business, the number of web pages to add to the site, and the features of the website as well. 

Some of the major elements in a static website include CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files. A simple static website is good for small businesses that want to market their products. 

Js by Vercel is the widely used technology in designing a static website. It is an open-source platform with options such as API support, server rendering, smart building, and so on. 

You cannot change or modify static URLs by your own. So, static websites do not include any URL parameters or links. 

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